Wellness Exams and Vaccinations

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Good old Benjamin Franklin coined the saying, and we wholeheartedly encourage it when it comes to your pet's health. That's why we recommend yearly wellness exams and vaccinations at Loftin Veterinary Hospital. The focus of a wellness exam is to maintain excellent health. Wellness exams allow our doctors to detect and treat conditions before acute symptoms present. Yearly vaccinations protect your pet against contagious diseases.

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Wellness Exams and Vaccinations At Loftin Veterinary Hospital

Loftin Veterinary Hospital understands the importance of preventive medicine. That is the precise reason we encourage yearly wellness exams with vaccinations. In fact, we will track you down via email and text to remind you when your pet’s services are due. In addition to the yearly wellness exam with vaccinations, it is critical to protect your dog from heartworms with bi-yearly or yearly injections of ProHeart.

What to Expect in a Wellness Exam

  • Check weight
  • Check teeth and gums
  • Check eyes and ears
  • Check skin
  • Check nose and face
  • Test for intestinal parasites
  • Test for heartworms
  • Test for heartworms

ProHeart 6 and ProHeart 12

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