Loftin Veterinary Hospital

Loving Pets and Their Humans Since 1997

LVH offers high-quality wellness care, diagnostic care, and surgical procedures to keep dogs and cats healthy and happy.

Loving Pets and Their Humans Since 1997

LVH offers high-quality wellness care, diagnostic care, and surgical procedures to keep dogs and cats healthy and happy.

About Us

Youngsville’s Favorite Vet Team

We’re not your ordinary veterinary hospital. What sets Dr. Loftin and our team apart? We provide expert veterinary medical care with an old-fashioned, common-sense approach often lacking in modern medicine.

Healthy dogs and Cats

Quality Pet Care for Youngsville

LVH knows that healthy pets make happy families. That is why we stress wellness care for our youngest puppies and kittens to our oldest senior citizens. Keeping pets healthy through vaccinations, parasite control, and yearly wellness visits is one of our top priorities.

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Cleanest place you can bring your dogs to. Friendly service and great location


LVH is a full-service veterinary hospital serving Youngsville, Lafayette, and Broussard. LVH offers complete wellness and prevention services as well as state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and surgical services. From healthy check-ups to the sickest patients, LVH can handle it.



  • Spays and Neuters

    Loftin Veterinary Hospital understands the importance of spaying and neutering dogs and cats. We believe that spayed and neutered pets are better-behaved pets. We are also convinced that spayed and neutered pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

  • Baths and Grooming

    Pets need a spa day too. LVH offers bathing services and limited grooming.

  • Pharmacy & Pet Supplies

    LVH offers an on-site pharmacy as well as Hill’s Science Diet and Hill’s Prescription Diet food.

  • Surgical Services

    There are times when your pet may need more than medical intervention; they may require surgical interventions. Although choosing surgical treatment can be scary, be assured that Loftin Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to surgical safety and excellence. We offer planned, elective surgery as well as emergency surgical procedures.

  • Wellness & Vaccination

    Wellness exams allow our doctors to detect and treat conditions before pets get sick. Yearly vaccinations protect your pet against contagious diseases. LVH also offers annual blood testing to enhance physical exams.

  • Boarding Services

    LVH has boarded pets for nearly 25 years. We provide climate-controlled accommodations and a fenced-in play yard. Our veterinarians are available to quickly assess and treat medical problems that pop up while you are away.

  • Dental Care

    Pet Dental Care is about more than fresh breath and clean teeth. Dental exams are part of every wellness exam because untreated dental disease can affect all parts of your pet’s body. LVH offers routine dental cleaning as well as treatment for dental disease.

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Great care and service for your pet, Mr Bean's loved his visit


Word of mouth (or snout) tells the best story. Hear what LVH clients are saying about the team.


Loftin has a very caring staff. They will call to check on your pets after the visit to see how they are doing.

Jenny Roberts

Google Review

I’m a new pet parent & I couldn’t imagine a better 1st Veterinary Hospital Visit experience with my Gemini!!! The entire staff was amazing, super thorough & AWESOME!!! Super clean facility as well!!!! We can’t wait to go back!!!

Amber B.

Amazing staff! They were so sweet to me and my new kitten today and were able to schedule me in super quick! (1 hour to be exact) I will be using Loftin for all my future veterinary needs!

Scarlet H.

We found a puppy wandering around school. She was cold, wet and shaking violently. I brought her to another veterinary clinic in town to ask if they would watch her for the day and vaccinate her. I was treated so poorly by the receptionist that I just turned around and walked out (some people just aren't a good fit for the job that they do). I searched for another clinic near school and found Lofton. From the moment I walked in, I was treated like they actually wanted to help me and the little puppy. I felt empathy, compassion and kindness. They knew how desperate I was and they totally exceeded my expectations.

Claire R.

ARCA Eagles

We have used Dr Loftin since 2000. About 9 years ago, we moved to Shreveport area and still bring all our dogs to him. We couldn't ever bring ourselves to find a new vet and have always appreciated how he goes above and beyond to help accommodate us since our distance can be a hindrance at times. Just like a "people doctor", once you find one you love, you stick with them!!

Shelly K.

They are the best in this area. Can't say enough about the doctor and office manager. The staff was also very nice

Nell N.

“Best Veterinary services in Acadiana!”

Adam H.

Facebook Review