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Big trip planned? Maybe spending a music-filled weekend in New Orleans or a long, lazy week in Destin? While vacations are relaxing, choosing the right boarding facility can be downright stressful. We’ve been boarding the pets of Youngsville, Lafayette, and Broussard for over 21 years.

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You Play; They Stay

At Loftin Veterinary Hospital in Youngsville, we offer various kennel types for our doggy and kitty friends. Each guest receives individual attention from our pet-loving kennel staff. Meals are served two times per day, and water is always available. Boarding includes daily room service as well as outdoor playtime for dogs only.

Great news: If you have more than one dog, Loftin Veterinary Hospital offers shared-kennel discounts for each additional pet sharing accommodations. Sorry, dogs and cats cannot share accommodations for safety purposes.


Large, Fenced Play Yard


Veterinary Supervision

Dog and Cat

Separate Cat Room


Climate-Controlled Facilities


Attention from our pet-loving kennel staff


Daily Room Service

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Dog Prices

Great news: If you have more than one dog, LVH offers shared-kennel discounts for each additional dog-sharing accommodation. LVH also provides a complimentary bath on the scheduled pick-up date. (Complimentary bath provided for dogs boarding 2 or more nights)

up to 25#


26 – 44#


45# and up


Cat Prices

Night Rate


Note: Cats requiring more than one prescribed medication will be charged an additional $3/night. 

Cats requiring prescribed injections will be charged an additional $5/night.


Vaccine Requirements for Dogs and Cats


Vaccine Policy

Boarding Testimonials

Y'all are doing something SO RIGHT with your boarders! She is excited from the time she even suspects we're packing to leave, during the car ride, and obviously loses her mind in the parking lot. You guys always had us as vet customers because y'all have cared for so many furry loved one, but her happiness about boarding makes it a little easier to leave. Also - her food bowl from her boarding stays was left in her food bag. I kid you not, when I pulled it out, she immediately recognized it and started wagging her entire body in excitement. We love you guys. Thank y'all for taking care of Remi!


Hello, my name is Honey. I just wanted to take a moment away from chasing lizards to let you know about Loftin Vet Clinic. I have been a patient of the Clinic all of my life. I love the wonderful staff and Dr Loftin too. I’m so happy to see my friends when I visit the office and I know they’re happy to see me too. Mom even boards me there for a fraction of the cost and peace of mind knowing they’re taking great care of me. Love, Honey-bun


We have used Dr Loftin since 2000. About 9 years ago, we moved to Shreveport area and still bring all our dogs to him. We couldn't ever bring ourselves to find a new vet and have always appreciated how he goes above and beyond to help accommodate us since our distance can be a hindrance at times. Just like a "people doctor", once you find one you love, you stick with them!!

Shelly K.

“Best Veterinary services in Acadiana!”

Adam H.

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